Dating person with bipolar disorder. .

And, of course, she reacts with loveliness and grace. And if they don't trumpet it as the explanation for their misdeeds, media experts are happy to do so on their behalf. The relationship will not go well for either of you. The life of an individual with bipolar disorder is filled with extremes. The obsession and highs of mania take incredible amounts of energy and ultimately wear the individual out. Before L had found an effective combination of meds, she drove halfway across the country in a mixed state, buying expensive clothes and jewelry for herself, with the goal of committing suicide when she reached California.

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How To Date Someone With A Mental Illness

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  1. According to Greenberg, not disclosing right away is okay if doing so would be uncomfortable. It takes time and discipline to develop. Scroll down to continue reading article Read Next

  2. Thank them for trusting you with this information that they have most likely not shared with many people. All in all, except for occasional disruption of temper with other family members, you have an ideal relationship.

  3. Everyone said that this was his true personality, so I ended up asking him out. You no longer know him or stay in touch with him. Your goal should be stable moods with few and only minor relapses, and these demons should not be given an on-going role in your life or perceived as an inescapable part of who you really are.

  4. Their episodes , their attitude, their way of being can often drive a loved one to a point of wanting distance.

  5. Complete loss of hope for anything better in a dark moment will kick start self-destruction.

  6. Helping a person through a Depressive streak is about pushing them through this flurry of negative feelings. It's ok to be a nut case.

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