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Auburn football funny

Auburn football funny

This was the primary reason that Auburn was the worst in the nation at tackles for loss through two weeks. Malzahn used his old line about riding the hot hand, but the truth is, the game was too close for him to trust any one else other than Pettway. This is not the Chip Lindsey offense fans expected, and this offense continues to be unable to adjust. Much of that could be attributed to the offensive line, which experienced a shakeup when Darius James left the game. There was a time when working as the defensive coordinator for a head coach who wrote a book on the hurry-up, no-huddle offense was a thankless task. After that season, Steele left to become Dabo Swinney's defensive coordinator at Clemson and Smart became Saban's right-hand man. In the preseason, commentators wondered if Stidham was the last piece of the puzzle for Auburn.

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Alabama players exit as Auburn fans rush field after 2017 Iron Bowl

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Auburn football funny

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