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Therapist joke

Therapist joke

Talk with the second person briefly, then end the conversation and return to the call with the first person. Call Waiting adapted from theatre game we played at the West Virginia University Theatre Department Pick three contrasting people in your lives that bring out different sides of your personality, such as a romantic interest, a parent, a best friend, a sibling, a teacher or supervisor, or an ex-partner. Now safe from harm, add images, words, and colors around the picture of the other person to depict your wish for their healing, growth, and peace. If participant doesn't feel comfortable sharing details of their lives, they can simply say, "Age 6, high point. Read your pledge aloud with conviction to the group. Divide your paper in half, and label one side "Ants" and one side "Tiger. On lined paper, participants write 5 to 10 sentences using the words that were spoken, adding filler words if needed.

Therapist joke

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