Risks of sedating babies. .

Risks of sedating babies

Evers said that a continuing study at multiple hospitals should help to determine whether there is any learning risk for children put under anesthesia for relatively short operations. Your child may be dizzy and unable to walk on his own. What if my child is allergic to anesthesia? Your nurse can help you explain the test or treatment to your child. This may take 1 or 2 hours. Find out if any family members have ever had a bad reaction to anesthesia. Risks of sedating babies

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  1. But that anesthesia may also put babies at greater risk for cognitive problems later in life, according to Wilder's latest findings. Children feel less anxious and scared when they know what to expect. In reality, though, modern anesthesia is extremely safe.

  2. Can I be there when my child goes to sleep? Your appointment time is 30 minutes before the scan is scheduled.

  3. This is not because children feel more pain than adults, or get less pain medication. Seeing a parent having a strong emotional reaction is not reassuring to the child, and may actually be worse than having to go through the procedure alone. Of the more than 5, babies studied, needed at least one surgery and just over infants needed more than two before age 3.

  4. More information If you have any questions or concerns,please contact: The nurse may use several different machines, called monitors, to check on your child.

  5. Can I be there when my child wakes up? Taking your child home from the hospital Bring another adult with you when you take your child home from the hospital.

  6. In reality, though, modern anesthesia is extremely safe. But it's not clear, she said, at what point that risk goes away.

  7. Opt out or contact us anytime But what surgery can reasonably be delayed? You should be prepared to stay in the department until your child is fully awake and has had something to eat and drink.

  8. Randall Flick, Wilder's co-author at the Mayo Clinic. The author is quick to point out, however, that the data are preliminary and do not necessarily suggest a direct or definitive causal link between anesthesia and learning disabilities, only an association.

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